I gained a lot of followers...

But sadly I think I may delete this blog v . v I just suck at keeping up with it and I mostly post about all my Gyaru stuff on Tumblr now.


Finally able to get on here!!

I don't know what it is, but my internet connection has difficult connecting to blogspot lately @_@
But now that it works today, I'll just do a quick little update!

I am slowly getting the feel for Rokku makeup. I mostly get inspiration from looking at Re:NO ; w ; she's so beautiful!

I changed my hairstyle/bangs to bit a bit less "girly" looking lol

I also am working on on perfecting my makeup. I added some blush but it didn't show up ~_~; At least my lower lashes turned out the way I wanted!!

 In a few days, I should be bleaching some of my hair and making it purple! Wish me luck :3


Rokku/Punk Gyaru progress

So far the change is a bit slow, my wardrobe is still too sweet so when I get more money I need to buy a few more things =\
I plan on dyeing some of my hair Purple! But I haven't decided on if I want just my bangs purple or the entire upper half XDDD
I've been working on a new makeup at least!!

I slightly changed my eye makeup style.
I'm still working on it ^ ^ I want it to be more smoky.

I just recently bought some vibrant red lipstick! :D I think
it will help out the makeup a lot!!