Gothic/Sweet Lolita Hair Tutorial (Curly Pigtails)

So I made a new tutorial, I called it Gothic/Sweet Lolita but you can use it with any style, really :3


Boys Before/Over Flowers Vs. Hana Yori Dango

Okie dokie, my first non-gyaru related post XDD

As you can see, I added a song to my page...It's like my absolute favorite song right now ever since watching Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers (whatever you want to call it, I've seen both ways).

At first, I was a DIE HARD fan of Hana Yori Dango...Like I would watch all the episodes a lot and I just loved Makino x Domyouji~ So of course, I stayed far away from BOF because I didn't think there would be the same chemistry I felt with Inoue & Matsumoto.
I think I gave BOF a shot one time (still being a diehard HYD fanatic) and was annoyed or something, so I gave up on the first episode.
But months and months later (last week), I happen to watch it and I was hooked :3 It was really good, although a lot of things were switched around it still stayed true to the original story. Joon Pyo and Jan Di were actually super cute together (and I ended up getting a big crush on Lee Min Ho). The music inserts were a bit too plentiful ^^; there's a music montage practically every 5 minutes within an episode whereas HYD had a few insert songs during the most crucial moments. Luckily I liked almost every song in BOF.

Overall, I still like the chemistry more between HYD's couple, but BOF gave us a WHOLE lot more fan service >w< I was surprised at how many times they kissed, it made me happy! (HYD only had about 3-4 kisses between the two throughout the whole series AND movie ~_~;)
Lee Min Ho didn't play Joon Pyo as intense as Matsumoto did for Domyouji, and I liked that the most about Domyouji's character. Joon Pyo seemed too vulnerable and helpless at times (but so cute ;w;)

Anyway! That's my whole opinion on BOF & HYD. I hope there are other fans out there who like both as well!
I wonder if I should give Meteor Garden a shot ' 3 ' Not a fan of Taiwanese dramas though...



I wish my blog page had a cooler layout or looked better ;   ; I'm never good with that stuff....
Everyone else's looks so cute and cool!! I feel like mine is still such a noob orz

Anyways, here's some better quality from last night's makeup adventure

Finally achieved my look!

So I got off my lazy ass and made my own lower falsies!!!

Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard @_____@ I had to use two different ones and make them look the same. That part was definitely a bit tough lol
But anyways, this was the look I've been trying to go for foreveerrrrr~

I need to work a bit on the lower lash placement, but generally this is fine!

Better quality pics later~



This next paycheck, I am definitely going to buy new lashes!! No matter what > <

I need a change in makeup and that's the only way I can really get more creative!



New coord 95% complete~

New coord~
I finally got some mini shorts to go with that knit top I got!!
I don't have a good shirt yet to match (still on the look for that), so I just used a plain black shirt in place~
Put on some black thigh highs complete with garter belt (I'm thinking about making some bows and attaching them to the clasps <3).

And this is a new coord for meeee...


Makeup Experimentation~ (Crappy Quality)

My usual/signature look:

So I got bored and decided to test out some different looks.

(I had a stupid smile lol)
I tried 2 different ones on each eye. The basic eye shadows were pink and faded into a soft brown.
The first one was Okarie inspired. I set up a larger gap on my lower lids and didn't fill in with shadow or liner (it sucks that I don't have the right lower falsies to do it with, so I just tried using my usual ones). I also put some thin eye lining where my iris sits because...she...does that lol I don't know what effect it brings. This could have gone better if I had better lashes.

2nd look is Cocona inspired. So I pretty much thickly lined my whole eye and made the exaggerated droop near the outer corner. To get that fanned lower lash, I tediously glued on individual lash extension things. It was painstakingly time consuming.....
Then on both eyes I used a barely visible inner corner highlight.

I had an interesting time.

What I Learned: Cocona's style definitely is not for me ~_____~ It's so complicated and I can't pull it off like she does.
Okarie's style I worship anyway, but probably won't attempt again until I buy some proper lashes v . v
/end experiment.


Playing with my look~

It's not so different than my usual look..
some minor changes here and there such as shade of lip color & eye highlights.


Looking back -_-; (Makeup Comparison)

GOD i found a picture of when I first got really interested in Gyaru.
I thought the only thing you needed to do was buy some white eyeliner ~______~;;;;
I feel so stupid lmao AND LOOK AT MY EYEBROWS


It's not extremely better, but at least an improvement lol


My very first Purikura!

Spent $20 on two sets <3 <3 <3

I did one with family and one with myself....I would have done ANOTHER because I love it so much, but I don't want to do one in the same outfit so much ~___~;
But yeah! These aren't scanned right now but they will be.

I did that Gal face way too much XDD Mostly because I was caught off guard.
(that green body shot is way unattractive OTL But I was in the middle of adjusting my shirt)
Oh well~ When I go to Little Tokyo, I will do it again <3