Makeup Experimentation~ (Crappy Quality)

My usual/signature look:

So I got bored and decided to test out some different looks.

(I had a stupid smile lol)
I tried 2 different ones on each eye. The basic eye shadows were pink and faded into a soft brown.
The first one was Okarie inspired. I set up a larger gap on my lower lids and didn't fill in with shadow or liner (it sucks that I don't have the right lower falsies to do it with, so I just tried using my usual ones). I also put some thin eye lining where my iris sits because...she...does that lol I don't know what effect it brings. This could have gone better if I had better lashes.

2nd look is Cocona inspired. So I pretty much thickly lined my whole eye and made the exaggerated droop near the outer corner. To get that fanned lower lash, I tediously glued on individual lash extension things. It was painstakingly time consuming.....
Then on both eyes I used a barely visible inner corner highlight.

I had an interesting time.

What I Learned: Cocona's style definitely is not for me ~_____~ It's so complicated and I can't pull it off like she does.
Okarie's style I worship anyway, but probably won't attempt again until I buy some proper lashes v . v
/end experiment.


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