Magazine Gyaru Makeovers!!

I was really bored today, so i gave some Gyaru makeovers to the magazine ladies. I only did half of their faces (except  two) because I like comparisons.

^^^^You should have seen the original pic!!!


New Circle Lens Help!

So I think instead of spending my money on lashes (that can hold off for a while) I want to consider buying new circle lenses instead.
I have Geo Ultra Black (CK-105) right now and I feel that my looks are too limited with those lenses. They're my favorite, but sometimes with my black hair it borderlines Ulzzang and I want to avoid that.

 So I'm wondering what color to get next? My natural skin color is a light tan and it usually comes up lighter on camera.
I was thinking of getting brown but since my skin and some parts of my hair are brown, is that too much??

Can anyone else suggest any other colors that will suit me? (I don't usually like Blue, Pink, or Violet)

Tiny hair change~

So I put extensions in~
I only put them in the two front areas of my face where I cut it off to do the asian mullet ^^;; I'm too impatient to wait for that area to grow and I think it looks ugly
This was a comparison pic I took while I was putting them in.

and then this was the end result....

and then I slapped on some make up and voila

Better pics later...I am so tired v _ v


I killed a spider....

Using a 5 foot long broom.
Usually I just leave them alone, but if they are in my room....then it's war!!! 

I think I killed it...I'm not too certain...( ゜ ∧  ゜) I kind of just left it (maybe) on the end of the broom then threw it in the kitchen.

Out of sight, out of mind right?


Lower Lash Dilemma

Of looking for good lower lashes ~______~ (that I can afford)
So far, I think I'll go with these....(21.99 was the cheapest I could find -dies-)


Gyaru Progress (2010-Present)

By far the worst first attempt ever. I messed up the makeup, didn't even try on my eyebrows, and even DREW on lower eyelashes -_____-

can't tell from here, but started trying out falsies. Eyebrows, still awful.

a bit better.....kind of under-doing the makeup. Eyebrows still awful.

First Himegyaru attempt. Wrong type of makeup, bangs need a trim....eyebrows still a mess.

alright, alright~ Good hair, got a nice bang trim, better eye makeup, got some CLs, workin' on those eyebrows.

Getting a better understanding for eye-enlarging tricks with makeup.

almost perfect. Tapped deeper into the world of makeup and made a little breakthrough. Falsies are finally balanced with eye makeup and exploring the use of blush. Super proud. Still no use of lower lashes yet.

2nd Himegyaru attempt, more sucessful.

had to suffer a dramatic hair change and now must go through Gyaru style with black hair.....border lining Ulzzang look.

Not emphasizing much on eye makeup but kept a bit simplistic?

Still dealing with the black hair. Experimenting with lots of blush like Himena.

 Recent!! Using upper and lower lashes now~ Also using lip color!

Yet again, new makeup lol

The reason I have "new makeup" is because I'm trying to find the look I want for International Gyaru Day XDD It's silly, I know but it would be nice to participate, yeah?
Anyways! I went with this look today~

It was actually a lot of fun to do! ..Although....it took nearly 4-5 hours .___. (hair included). I finally got a good shade of lipstick and gloss! This one doesn't react with my sensitive lips at all <3 And it is a good bold shade. So I think I'm finally content with my makeup choices for now.

I just adore having glossy lips

The new upper lashes I bought are splendid, They pop out just right and are way easier to manage. The old ones I had were way too "heavy" on my eyes lol I could feel them getting tired XDD I do need to buy some primer to help prevent some of my make up from smearing though.... The pearl/gray shimmer I use on my lower inner lids smears way too much.

I also tried a mini casual coordinate today....It was okay ^^; The shirt/dress without jeans makes me look a bit chubbier than I am (hehe)


New makeup style~

So I tried out a new makeup style! What's funny is that I only worked on one half of my face lol
It's a lot more dramatic than I usually do, this time I used my new smoky black eyeshadow palette~ It was really hard to do v_v;; I'm not too good at blending it together.

I GOT NEW LIP GLOSS! Well....actually, it's called Lip Stain (from Hard Candy) and it has this reeeeaaallly great gloss coat~

I wish you could see the falsies better ; ^ ;

Makeup Haul

I finally got some new makeup (sorta). I was kind of getting tired of my eyeshadow, I overuse my brown palette and I don't like my lavender palette too much. So i got a basic smoky black palette!! I'm probably going to look at a lot of Sakurina's eye-make with this...
Although it's slightly cheap, I think the pigmentation on Loreal's makeup is wonderful :3
I don't do much with my lips, and I know I really should. So I bought this...glossy lip pencil? I dunno, it's going to be one of those "experiment" kind of items because I don't know if my lips are sensitive to this or not.
And lastly, I got a new pair of falsies!! I saw these and immediately thought "Sakurina!!" (where did this random Sakurina obsession come from?). But yeah, I tried them on a few seconds ago and they're nice and dramatic :3 I can't wait to try it with makeup!


Ah, Introductory Post lol

Hello~ Welcome to my blog!
This is going to be dedicated to my growth with Gyaru fashion! So far, I've only been practicing it for about 5 months and I still have a lot to learn  (⌒▽⌒)

I'm am a 20 yr. old Cambodian (southeast asian) girl that lives in California~
I'm mostly interested in Himegyaru, Oneegyaru, and just Gyaru-kei in general.
 My most favorite idols and influences are Okarie, Himena, Hikaru Shiina, Mizukitty, and Sakurina!

Ahh, I'm currently learning Japanese on my own, so every now and then I will be posting in Japanese for practice :3 ( I admit, I do mess up a lot lol)


Thank you so much :3