I gained a lot of followers...

But sadly I think I may delete this blog v . v I just suck at keeping up with it and I mostly post about all my Gyaru stuff on Tumblr now.


Finally able to get on here!!

I don't know what it is, but my internet connection has difficult connecting to blogspot lately @_@
But now that it works today, I'll just do a quick little update!

I am slowly getting the feel for Rokku makeup. I mostly get inspiration from looking at Re:NO ; w ; she's so beautiful!

I changed my hairstyle/bangs to bit a bit less "girly" looking lol

I also am working on on perfecting my makeup. I added some blush but it didn't show up ~_~; At least my lower lashes turned out the way I wanted!!

 In a few days, I should be bleaching some of my hair and making it purple! Wish me luck :3


Rokku/Punk Gyaru progress

So far the change is a bit slow, my wardrobe is still too sweet so when I get more money I need to buy a few more things =\
I plan on dyeing some of my hair Purple! But I haven't decided on if I want just my bangs purple or the entire upper half XDDD
I've been working on a new makeup at least!!

I slightly changed my eye makeup style.
I'm still working on it ^ ^ I want it to be more smoky.

I just recently bought some vibrant red lipstick! :D I think
it will help out the makeup a lot!!


Neglecting my blog ; 0 ;

I am so deeply sorry for neglecting this blog! Although, nothing interesting has really happened. I think I am going through a style change though!!
Recently I tried to be more of Ageha's Folklore style, but I am having too much trouble getting proper clothing for that style. So I decided to make the decision to try my hand at Rokku Gyaru! But I'm planning on making it lean more towards Punk Lolita when it comes to clothing. So I must try and change my makeup and hairstyle. I plan on making my hair purple!

I made a new hair tutorial, also. It's Gyaru waves with a flat iron. I learned it while watching a Korean variety show XDD Please enjoy!


Long time, no post ^^;

So I was watching a Korean variety show and they were filming one of the celebs getting their hair done! I realized I could use the technique I saw to achieve the Gyaru waves!! So I hurried and did it, and this is how it came out! It was a bit difficult but only because it was my first time. I'm definitely making a tutorial for this soon!! :3


Gothic/Sweet Lolita Hair Tutorial (Curly Pigtails)

So I made a new tutorial, I called it Gothic/Sweet Lolita but you can use it with any style, really :3


Boys Before/Over Flowers Vs. Hana Yori Dango

Okie dokie, my first non-gyaru related post XDD

As you can see, I added a song to my page...It's like my absolute favorite song right now ever since watching Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers (whatever you want to call it, I've seen both ways).

At first, I was a DIE HARD fan of Hana Yori Dango...Like I would watch all the episodes a lot and I just loved Makino x Domyouji~ So of course, I stayed far away from BOF because I didn't think there would be the same chemistry I felt with Inoue & Matsumoto.
I think I gave BOF a shot one time (still being a diehard HYD fanatic) and was annoyed or something, so I gave up on the first episode.
But months and months later (last week), I happen to watch it and I was hooked :3 It was really good, although a lot of things were switched around it still stayed true to the original story. Joon Pyo and Jan Di were actually super cute together (and I ended up getting a big crush on Lee Min Ho). The music inserts were a bit too plentiful ^^; there's a music montage practically every 5 minutes within an episode whereas HYD had a few insert songs during the most crucial moments. Luckily I liked almost every song in BOF.

Overall, I still like the chemistry more between HYD's couple, but BOF gave us a WHOLE lot more fan service >w< I was surprised at how many times they kissed, it made me happy! (HYD only had about 3-4 kisses between the two throughout the whole series AND movie ~_~;)
Lee Min Ho didn't play Joon Pyo as intense as Matsumoto did for Domyouji, and I liked that the most about Domyouji's character. Joon Pyo seemed too vulnerable and helpless at times (but so cute ;w;)

Anyway! That's my whole opinion on BOF & HYD. I hope there are other fans out there who like both as well!
I wonder if I should give Meteor Garden a shot ' 3 ' Not a fan of Taiwanese dramas though...



I wish my blog page had a cooler layout or looked better ;   ; I'm never good with that stuff....
Everyone else's looks so cute and cool!! I feel like mine is still such a noob orz

Anyways, here's some better quality from last night's makeup adventure

Finally achieved my look!

So I got off my lazy ass and made my own lower falsies!!!

Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard @_____@ I had to use two different ones and make them look the same. That part was definitely a bit tough lol
But anyways, this was the look I've been trying to go for foreveerrrrr~

I need to work a bit on the lower lash placement, but generally this is fine!

Better quality pics later~



This next paycheck, I am definitely going to buy new lashes!! No matter what > <

I need a change in makeup and that's the only way I can really get more creative!



New coord 95% complete~

New coord~
I finally got some mini shorts to go with that knit top I got!!
I don't have a good shirt yet to match (still on the look for that), so I just used a plain black shirt in place~
Put on some black thigh highs complete with garter belt (I'm thinking about making some bows and attaching them to the clasps <3).

And this is a new coord for meeee...


Makeup Experimentation~ (Crappy Quality)

My usual/signature look:

So I got bored and decided to test out some different looks.

(I had a stupid smile lol)
I tried 2 different ones on each eye. The basic eye shadows were pink and faded into a soft brown.
The first one was Okarie inspired. I set up a larger gap on my lower lids and didn't fill in with shadow or liner (it sucks that I don't have the right lower falsies to do it with, so I just tried using my usual ones). I also put some thin eye lining where my iris sits because...she...does that lol I don't know what effect it brings. This could have gone better if I had better lashes.

2nd look is Cocona inspired. So I pretty much thickly lined my whole eye and made the exaggerated droop near the outer corner. To get that fanned lower lash, I tediously glued on individual lash extension things. It was painstakingly time consuming.....
Then on both eyes I used a barely visible inner corner highlight.

I had an interesting time.

What I Learned: Cocona's style definitely is not for me ~_____~ It's so complicated and I can't pull it off like she does.
Okarie's style I worship anyway, but probably won't attempt again until I buy some proper lashes v . v
/end experiment.


Playing with my look~

It's not so different than my usual look..
some minor changes here and there such as shade of lip color & eye highlights.


Looking back -_-; (Makeup Comparison)

GOD i found a picture of when I first got really interested in Gyaru.
I thought the only thing you needed to do was buy some white eyeliner ~______~;;;;
I feel so stupid lmao AND LOOK AT MY EYEBROWS


It's not extremely better, but at least an improvement lol


My very first Purikura!

Spent $20 on two sets <3 <3 <3

I did one with family and one with myself....I would have done ANOTHER because I love it so much, but I don't want to do one in the same outfit so much ~___~;
But yeah! These aren't scanned right now but they will be.

I did that Gal face way too much XDD Mostly because I was caught off guard.
(that green body shot is way unattractive OTL But I was in the middle of adjusting my shirt)
Oh well~ When I go to Little Tokyo, I will do it again <3


Magazine Gyaru Makeovers!!

I was really bored today, so i gave some Gyaru makeovers to the magazine ladies. I only did half of their faces (except  two) because I like comparisons.

^^^^You should have seen the original pic!!!


New Circle Lens Help!

So I think instead of spending my money on lashes (that can hold off for a while) I want to consider buying new circle lenses instead.
I have Geo Ultra Black (CK-105) right now and I feel that my looks are too limited with those lenses. They're my favorite, but sometimes with my black hair it borderlines Ulzzang and I want to avoid that.

 So I'm wondering what color to get next? My natural skin color is a light tan and it usually comes up lighter on camera.
I was thinking of getting brown but since my skin and some parts of my hair are brown, is that too much??

Can anyone else suggest any other colors that will suit me? (I don't usually like Blue, Pink, or Violet)

Tiny hair change~

So I put extensions in~
I only put them in the two front areas of my face where I cut it off to do the asian mullet ^^;; I'm too impatient to wait for that area to grow and I think it looks ugly
This was a comparison pic I took while I was putting them in.

and then this was the end result....

and then I slapped on some make up and voila

Better pics later...I am so tired v _ v


I killed a spider....

Using a 5 foot long broom.
Usually I just leave them alone, but if they are in my room....then it's war!!! 

I think I killed it...I'm not too certain...( ゜ ∧  ゜) I kind of just left it (maybe) on the end of the broom then threw it in the kitchen.

Out of sight, out of mind right?


Lower Lash Dilemma

Of looking for good lower lashes ~______~ (that I can afford)
So far, I think I'll go with these....(21.99 was the cheapest I could find -dies-)


Gyaru Progress (2010-Present)

By far the worst first attempt ever. I messed up the makeup, didn't even try on my eyebrows, and even DREW on lower eyelashes -_____-

can't tell from here, but started trying out falsies. Eyebrows, still awful.

a bit better.....kind of under-doing the makeup. Eyebrows still awful.

First Himegyaru attempt. Wrong type of makeup, bangs need a trim....eyebrows still a mess.

alright, alright~ Good hair, got a nice bang trim, better eye makeup, got some CLs, workin' on those eyebrows.

Getting a better understanding for eye-enlarging tricks with makeup.

almost perfect. Tapped deeper into the world of makeup and made a little breakthrough. Falsies are finally balanced with eye makeup and exploring the use of blush. Super proud. Still no use of lower lashes yet.

2nd Himegyaru attempt, more sucessful.

had to suffer a dramatic hair change and now must go through Gyaru style with black hair.....border lining Ulzzang look.

Not emphasizing much on eye makeup but kept a bit simplistic?

Still dealing with the black hair. Experimenting with lots of blush like Himena.

 Recent!! Using upper and lower lashes now~ Also using lip color!

Yet again, new makeup lol

The reason I have "new makeup" is because I'm trying to find the look I want for International Gyaru Day XDD It's silly, I know but it would be nice to participate, yeah?
Anyways! I went with this look today~

It was actually a lot of fun to do! ..Although....it took nearly 4-5 hours .___. (hair included). I finally got a good shade of lipstick and gloss! This one doesn't react with my sensitive lips at all <3 And it is a good bold shade. So I think I'm finally content with my makeup choices for now.

I just adore having glossy lips

The new upper lashes I bought are splendid, They pop out just right and are way easier to manage. The old ones I had were way too "heavy" on my eyes lol I could feel them getting tired XDD I do need to buy some primer to help prevent some of my make up from smearing though.... The pearl/gray shimmer I use on my lower inner lids smears way too much.

I also tried a mini casual coordinate today....It was okay ^^; The shirt/dress without jeans makes me look a bit chubbier than I am (hehe)