New Circle Lens Help!

So I think instead of spending my money on lashes (that can hold off for a while) I want to consider buying new circle lenses instead.
I have Geo Ultra Black (CK-105) right now and I feel that my looks are too limited with those lenses. They're my favorite, but sometimes with my black hair it borderlines Ulzzang and I want to avoid that.

 So I'm wondering what color to get next? My natural skin color is a light tan and it usually comes up lighter on camera.
I was thinking of getting brown but since my skin and some parts of my hair are brown, is that too much??

Can anyone else suggest any other colors that will suit me? (I don't usually like Blue, Pink, or Violet)


just Jennifer :3 said...

try out green or gray ^^
think that would really suit you ;D

ドリー said...

just Jennifer: Thanks!! I was thinking about getting one of those two :3

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me how you mad your own blog title >< its soooo cute

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