Gyaru Progress (2010-Present)

By far the worst first attempt ever. I messed up the makeup, didn't even try on my eyebrows, and even DREW on lower eyelashes -_____-

can't tell from here, but started trying out falsies. Eyebrows, still awful.

a bit better.....kind of under-doing the makeup. Eyebrows still awful.

First Himegyaru attempt. Wrong type of makeup, bangs need a trim....eyebrows still a mess.

alright, alright~ Good hair, got a nice bang trim, better eye makeup, got some CLs, workin' on those eyebrows.

Getting a better understanding for eye-enlarging tricks with makeup.

almost perfect. Tapped deeper into the world of makeup and made a little breakthrough. Falsies are finally balanced with eye makeup and exploring the use of blush. Super proud. Still no use of lower lashes yet.

2nd Himegyaru attempt, more sucessful.

had to suffer a dramatic hair change and now must go through Gyaru style with black hair.....border lining Ulzzang look.

Not emphasizing much on eye makeup but kept a bit simplistic?

Still dealing with the black hair. Experimenting with lots of blush like Himena.

 Recent!! Using upper and lower lashes now~ Also using lip color!


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