Lower Lash Dilemma

Of looking for good lower lashes ~______~ (that I can afford)
So far, I think I'll go with these....(21.99 was the cheapest I could find -dies-)


Sullen May said...

check out my blog http://sullenmay.blogspto.com i have a ling to D-Tans blog where she has a sales post where you can build your own diamond lashes for less! I just recieved mine and I love them!

Sullen May said...

blech http://sullenmay.blogspot.com

The Doll Gal said...

hi sweetie, i bought my diamond lashes at apopofkawaii.com for only 17.70 :)

ドリー said...

Both of you....Thank you SO MUCH.
You guys are the best gals ever <3 <3 <3

Lizzie ♥ said...

Oooh I got mine from ichibankao.com ^^ And they're brilliant for shipping :D

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