Yet again, new makeup lol

The reason I have "new makeup" is because I'm trying to find the look I want for International Gyaru Day XDD It's silly, I know but it would be nice to participate, yeah?
Anyways! I went with this look today~

It was actually a lot of fun to do! ..Although....it took nearly 4-5 hours .___. (hair included). I finally got a good shade of lipstick and gloss! This one doesn't react with my sensitive lips at all <3 And it is a good bold shade. So I think I'm finally content with my makeup choices for now.

I just adore having glossy lips

The new upper lashes I bought are splendid, They pop out just right and are way easier to manage. The old ones I had were way too "heavy" on my eyes lol I could feel them getting tired XDD I do need to buy some primer to help prevent some of my make up from smearing though.... The pearl/gray shimmer I use on my lower inner lids smears way too much.

I also tried a mini casual coordinate today....It was okay ^^; The shirt/dress without jeans makes me look a bit chubbier than I am (hehe)


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