Makeup Haul

I finally got some new makeup (sorta). I was kind of getting tired of my eyeshadow, I overuse my brown palette and I don't like my lavender palette too much. So i got a basic smoky black palette!! I'm probably going to look at a lot of Sakurina's eye-make with this...
Although it's slightly cheap, I think the pigmentation on Loreal's makeup is wonderful :3
I don't do much with my lips, and I know I really should. So I bought this...glossy lip pencil? I dunno, it's going to be one of those "experiment" kind of items because I don't know if my lips are sensitive to this or not.
And lastly, I got a new pair of falsies!! I saw these and immediately thought "Sakurina!!" (where did this random Sakurina obsession come from?). But yeah, I tried them on a few seconds ago and they're nice and dramatic :3 I can't wait to try it with makeup!


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